Alvvays at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NYC 7.28.2014 [Zumic Review + Photos]

Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published July 29, 2014
Alvvays At Rough Trade, NYC 7.28.2014

On Monday night, Toronto indie band Alvvays put on an impressive show at record store Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY. The free event drew a large crowd that came out for support and to hear songs from the band's just released self-titled album.

For roughly 45 minutes, the band showcased songs that balanced on the lines of dreamy power pop, aggressive pop punk, and the occasional melodic pop rock. "Adult Diversion" contained elements of new wave and "Ones Who Love You" was a moody rock tune that singer Molly Rankin brought to life with her vocals. A synth keyboard intro from Kerri MacLellan carried "Dives" into a slow, lush rock groove that won over the crowd. "Party Police" was driven with thick basslines from Brian Murphy and his Hofner bass. "Archie, Marry Me" is the band's most well known song and it was saved for last. The jangle pop number had some in the crowd lip-synching along to its infectious chorus.

In an interview with Diffuser, Molly described her band's sound:

If old people ask, I say it sounds like the Cranberries. If young people ask, I call it jangle pop. If a punk asks, I say it’s pop. I imagine we are influenced by a lot of music we don’t like (one time I wrote a song that we soon realized was essentially a Lady Gaga song), but a running theme is strong melody. I love the Dolly Mixture, Celine Dion, Pavement, Teenage Fanclub, the Primitives and Oasis.

During a break between songs, Molly exclaimed, "I'm so happy people came out!" After last night's performance, she should get used to the crowd, because the future looks very bright for the band.

Alvvays’ self-titled album is available on iTunes. You can stream the full album here on Zumic. For the latest music, videos, and tour dates be sure to check out the band’s official website.


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