"Basketball & Seinfeld" - Your Old Droog [SoundCloud Audio Stream]

Sebastien Francois

by Sebastien Francois

Published December 9, 2015

Your Old Droog takes his love of basketball and a popular '90s sitcom, and pens the creative new track "Basketball & Seinfeld." According to the Brooklyn MC, "the song is stupid." Those were the words written in the description box for the track on SoundCloud. We'll be the judge of that.

The self-produced song features Droog incorporating old school NBA players and various Seinfeld episodes into his day-to-day lifestyle over a funky, upbeat production which samples "Seinwave" by Abelard. The beat interpolates bits and pieces from Seinfeld's theme music such as the classic bass synthesizer riffs and the pop and click mouth noises.

Head over to to read lyrics annotations straight from Droog. The first verse contains the NBA references while the second is engulfed with classic Seinfeld moments. He raps in the first verse:

Still serve you that Will Perdue
Bill Wennington, still spendin' 'em
Smoking Newport shorts, call 'em Mugsy Bogues
So called thugs be doing vogues

In the second verse, he raps:

Chris Kaman when they came in, I was Chamberlain
Burst through the door son I'm Kramerin'
Who wrote a gorgeous stanza?
It's not you, it's me like George Costanza

Wale was the first to successfully bring Seinfeld and hip hop together with his Mixtape About Nothing, but he wasn't the last. And of course, we need to give props to Kurtis Blow's 1984 classic, "Basketball."

For more music, news, and videos from Your Old Droog, visit his Zumic artist page.


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