"Bill Murray" - Phantogram [YouTube Audio & Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published February 4, 2014

Phantogram continue rolling out singles from their album Voices, due out in two weeks. Preceded by "Fall In Love," “Celebrating Nothing,” “Black Out Days,” and “Nothing But Trouble,” here's a song called "Bill Murray."

Though containing no references to its namesake, "Bill Murray" was still apparently inspired by the actor, as Josh Carter (one-half of the duo) told The Atlantic: “We named it Bill Murray because we always pictured a sad Bill Murray for the visuals of that song. We want him to be in the music video.”

As there's no word yet on a music video for "Bill Murray," here's a picture of "sad Bill Murray" for you to look at while you listen to the song:

As we've now heard close to half of Voices, preordering the album is less of a gamble than usual, so do it right now on iTunes. Head over to Phantogram's Zumic artist page for more of their music and videos, and check out the lyrics to "Bill Murray" below.

Phantogram "Bill Murray" lyrics:

Am I lonely?
Oh it feels like
When the day breaks
Am I wanted inside?
Say goodbye
Do you feel liked?
Wave goodbye
And your heart's not in line

Look inside x 2

Am I lonely?
Cause it feels right
If I look up
Can you keep me alive?
Wave goodbye
To the family and friends
Those lost ends
And your eyes bleed
When you see
Cause nothing moves you

Look inside x 2


Source: Phantogram Official YouTube Channel

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