"Chain Smoker" - Chance The Rapper Live on the Arsenio Hall Show 12.19.2013 [YouTube Video]

Zach Ayer

by Zach Ayer

Published December 20, 2013

Chance The Rapper showed up on the Arsenio Hall Show last night, performing "Chain Smoker" off of his critically acclaimed mix tape Acid Rap. In the preceding interview, he discussed what he learned in performing with Eminem around Chicago, saying that he learned some serious performing moves. "His show is crazy. His show is super crazy," Chance said. "I think I'm gonna be able to show you guys what I learned tonight." Holding to his word, he performed an animated set, involving blaring horns and energetic dance moves. "Chain Smoker," like most of the songs off of Acid Rap, combines hip-hop and R&B to create a youthful, upbeat track.

He lists many other homegrown musical influences as well. "Chicago's music scene is rich, from going all the way back to the blues movement, the jazz movement, the ghettotech movement, juke music, you know what I'm saying? The crucial conflicts, you have J.U.I.C.E., you have... man, there's so much dope Chicago music I can't even begin to start but I'm lucky."

In his interview, Chance also discussed his hopes for less violence in his home city Chicago in the coming years. He called out directly to Chicago youth: "Stop worrying about cliques and gangs, like, all of it." Other highlights include his wish for rappers and musicians to unionize, hoping for an end to the troubles brought on by record label confusion and corruption.

Check out the interview below. For more music, news and more, check out Chance The Rapper's Zumic Artist Page.


Source: Arsenio Hall's YouTube Channel

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