David Lee Roth Says Van Halen Will Play "50 or 60" Shows This Year

Brad Zomick

by Brad Zomick

Published March 12, 2013

David Lee Roth appeared on Opie and Anthony's Sirius Satellite radio show yesterday and had a heart-to-heart discussion with the radio jockeys. Donning flannel and overalls he looked like he just got off the farm and talked about band politics, conflict resolution, and mutual support. Roth also mentioned their upcoming shows in Australia, Wisconsin, Japan, as well as 50-60 shows in Europe at the end of the year

Favorite quotes:
-"For Edward and I there is a lot of whatver that chemical that is in guys."
-"That conflict, that collision, that sounds. Heres that Japanese sh*t again? It's called Sumo. And when they collide. BOOM! You can hear that all the way across the area..."
-"Thats the reason why people still waear that Oakland Raiders logo. It comes from whatever city its in today..."
-"We ain't exactly spring chickens anymore..."
-"One of our concerts is like getting drunk on shots of really good Kentucky Bourbon, you'll probably have a great night but you won't want to see us again for three years."

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