Everclear Giving Away Album As "Automatic Free Download" With Windows 10 [Funny Or Die Video]

Brad Bershad

by Brad Bershad

Published October 4, 2014


Additional Credits:
Actor: Everclear
Director/Writer: Alex Richanbach
Writer: Jake Fogelnest
Executive Producer: Ben Sheehan
Editor: Chris Poole & Kegan Swyers
DP: Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer: Matt Sweeney
Grip: Will Hayek
Sound: Shannon Deanne for BoTown Sound

Yesterday, Funny or Die shared the hilarious video above featuring the band Everclear in a promo for Windows 10. It's obviously a parody of Apple's recent promotion with U2. On Twitter, Funny or Die says "Get excited, PC users! Automatic free download of the new Everclear album w/ Windows 10!"

There's a lot of quirky references for Windows users, from the incredibly irritating character Clicky that completely messed up your workflow in Microsoft Office, to the blue screen of death, to time wasting games like Solitaire and Minesweeper. You may also notice that the inset video is played on Apple's Quicktime, because Windows Media Player is basically a terrible, unusable piece of software. What really makes the video work is that the song, with the hook, "I'm the man who broke his own heart," sounds pretty damn good.

Zumic has reached out to Microsoft for comment, but as of now there is no official word on whether this is real or simply a spoof. In case you're wondering, there is no release date set for Windows 10 yet. That is expected to be announced at Microsoft's Build conference in April of 2015.



Source: Funny or Die

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