Fred Armisen in a QOTSA Flash Drive Infomercial! [Youtube Video]

Sandra Baptista

by Sandra Baptista

Published July 9, 2013

"You know we're all about to win here, right?"

Ricky Chism, aka Fred Armisen, is salesman for QOTSA's subsidiary Do Stuff Corporation. Mr. Chism schmoozes in a comedic infomercial selling an unbelievable deal you can't miss - The Queens of the Stone Age 8GB USB flash drive! What a great deal for you, music, and technology. In this day, when we're expected to use a mysterious cloud to access and store music, we need another dependable option. As Fred Armisen, I mean, Ricky Chism points out: "What are we supposed to do if their cloud doesn't work? Or our stupid internet goes down again? I mean, who are we supposed to call, the freakin' weather man? Cloudy with a slight chance of music?" You're exactly right, Ricky. Give us another option.

The Queens Of The Stone Age Flash Drive

For $29.95 you get:

- ... Like Clockwork full album
- 8 GB of memory storage, a warehouse of storage inside!
- hi-res photos
- original artwork
- lyric sheets
- bottle opener

And now, for the big announcement: For a limited time, you will get not one but TWO QOTSA flash drives for the low price of $29.95. You will incur additional shipping and handling costs. And, you can actually buy the product.

Catch this video, and catch QOTSA in it. It's hilarious, but it also makes me think that we do need friggin' gimmicks to pay for things like music again.


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