"Get In My Car" - BRONCHO [SoundCloud Audio Single]

Jacob Grossfeld

by Jacob Grossfeld

Published July 3, 2017

BRONCHO, the power-pop group from Oklahoma, is back with their newest single "Get in My Car."

The song features a trebly and catchy guitar riff in the chorus, which contrasts nicely with the fuzzy rhythm guitar in the verses, showing the band in the process of fine-tuning the familiar sound of their earlier work like the 2014 hit "Class Historian" with an added brightness. The bass and drums are locked into a driving, yet understated groove that complements the soaring guitar part in the chorus.

Ryan Lindsey's voice never strays too far from its sweet spot in the upper register, and his relatively jerky delivery adds a sense of quirky spontaneity to the song. The single plays like a combination of David Byrne's twitchy vocals, Vampire Weekend's bright guitar sound, and Phoenix's precise melodies.

"Get in My Car" has a pleasant summertime lightness to it, and comes just in time for the festive mid-summer season.

For more, check out BRONCHO's Zumic artist page.

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