"In The Land of Giants" - Caged Animals [Free Album Stream & Zumic Review]

Catherine Eklund

by Catherine Eklund

Published September 2, 2013

Current Brooklynite and former Jersey boy, Vincent Cacchione, formed Caged Animals back in 2010. Known for his former psychedelic rock band Soft Black, Cacchione recruited Patrick Curry (drums), Magali Francoise (keys), and Talya Rose Cacchione (bass) for his latest collaboration.

Caged Animals veers into the pop genre, describing themselves as "digital gospel," "glitch-friendly pop," "existential R&B," and "kaleidoscopic minimalism." Born out of an age of hard to define genres, Caged Animals combines those elements to create a unique futuristic sound.

In The Land of Giants is their upcoming second album, due out September 3rd via Lucky Number Music. The album explores themes of existentialism, faith, love, and optimism for the not so certain future. The album is not afraid to speak universal truths that make you think, if you listen hard enough. This is apparent in the opening track, "Too Much Dark." The lyrics explore the idea of getting lost in worrying about the future as well as the meaning of life. Let the light in and live!

"Cindy + Me," starts with off with a funky accordion synth sampled from Raymond Scott's 1959 piece "Cindy Electronium." It's a dark and twisted love song with lyrics like, "We took our time and planned it out/ We stuck a gun in daddy's mouth/ Cindy, Cindy/ Before he had the chance to scream/ The match, the flame, the gasoline."


Vincent Cacchione commented on the writing process of In The Land of Giants saying, "Most of the songs that made it to the record weren’t written by me. I almost feel like they were whispered into my ear by something entirely external.” Cacchione emphasizes the point of the whole album which seems to be exploring human nature and its truths through experience and creativity.

The fourth track, "The Sound of Thunder" reflects on spirituality. Its light and cheery pop nature masks the objective lyrics "The sound of thunder, it scares us all." Does the sound of thunder refer to death? As in the final clap? Or could it be the motivation to believe? Hmmm...

"A Psychic Lasso" is an experimental futuristic track making gentle use of the xylophone. Exploring the theme of love, this simple pop song is about two men in a co-dependent relationship. There are not too many songs in the pop genre referring to male homosexuality. Caged Animals takes a step in the brave direction to write something so revealing.

Vincent Cacchione's vocals in title track "In The Land of Giants" are akin to Coldplay's Chris Martin's circa A Rush Of Blood To The Head. The slow R&B influenced track is a bit of a sleeper, setting the tone for the last two tracks.

Caged Animals end their second album with the reflective and spacey song "What You're Looking For." As a whole, In The Land of Giants takes you on a musically and spiritually introspective journey. For twenty somethings still trying to figure out their lives and everything this Earth has to offer, Caged Animals give them something to relate to. (Or anyone struggling with existentialism.) The band accomplishes this in a positive nature, allowing the listener to feel a sense of hope. The elements of pop laced throughout the album let in optimism, balancing the themes of relationships, humanity, and existence.

Be sure to give Caged Animals a listen and pick up In The Land of Giants on September 3rd!


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