"Jaded" - Disclosure [YouTube Official Music Video]

Olivia Novik

by Olivia Novik

Published September 15, 2015

"Jaded" is the third in a music video trilogy from Disclosure and director Ryan Hope, following "Holding On" and "Omen." Watch above, via YouTube.

Picking up where "Omen" left off, "Jaded" begins in a police-raided club where the telekinetic heroine, Mariella, is discovered and brought to be observed and hypnotized. She leads us into an astral projection, where Disclosure's Howard Lawrence is featured singing as his brother Guy stands by.

While Caracal features many guest vocalists including Lorde and Sam Smith, the younger brother of the duo, Howard Lawrence sings this melodic house-pop ballad. The song is about those in the music industry who do not have the confidence to make music for themselves. Howard Lawrence told Pitchfork:

I’m not jaded. I’m cool, I’m happy. But there are a lot of producers and people in the music industry who take credit for the work of others when it’s not actually their work. Especially big producers—they have a song that’s written by one guy with a produced mix by someone else and then it’s sung by someone else, and it’s like, “Well, what did you actually do?” I mean, that’s fine, but as a consumer, if I heard someone who said, “I’ve written this song,” and then I found out it wasn’t by them, it’s a bit disappointing. A lot of the guys that do that are really talented and they’ve made some incredible music, but they get addicted to having success and feel too much pressure, so they get other people to make sure that their next song makes money. I think that that loss of confidence in yourself to make good music is what being jaded is.

Disclosure's second studio album, Caracal, is set to be released on September 25, 2015. It's available on vinyl, CD, and MP3 through Amazon.

For Disclosure's latest music, news, and tour dates, check out their Zumic artist page.

Source: Disclosure VEVO YouTube

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