Listen to Joe Russo's Almost Dead "Freaks Ball XVI" Explosive Concerts from the NYC Brooklyn Bowl - March, 2016 [SoundCloud Full Audio Streams]

Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published March 28, 2016

This past weekend, Joe Russo's Almost Dead took to the friendly confines of the Brooklyn Bowl in New York City for Freaks Ball XVI. On March 24, 25, and 26, the band delivered three explosive nights of sold out music that included Grateful Dead covers as well as renditions of songs by the Allman Brothers, Father John Misty, and a few other surprises.

Courtesy of WMWV Radio, you can listen to crisp SoundCloud recordings of each night's show below. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Joe Russo's Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl, NYC March 24, 2016


Set 1
1. "Jam"
2. "Not Fade Away"
3. "Ruben & Cherise"
4. "Going Down The Road Feeling Bad"
5. "Hell In A Bucket"
6. "Shakedown Street"
7. "Space"
8. "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" (Allman Brothers Cover)
9. "Mission In The Rain"

Joe Russo's Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl, NYC March 25, 2016


Set 1
1. "Jam"
2. "Hard To Handle"
3. "Franklin's Tower"
4. "Feel Like A Stranger"
5. "Help On The Way"
6. "Slipknot!"
7. "Athea"
8. "The Other One"

Joe Russo's Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl, NYC March 26, 2016


Set 1
1. "Big Railroad Blues"
2. "Mason's Children"
3. "Friend Of The Devil"
4. "I Know You Rider"
5. "Space"
6. "St. Stephen"
7. "Terrapin Suite Pt. 2"

The core band members for all three nights included Joe Russo (drums), Scott Metzger (guitar), Tommy Hamilton (guitar), Dave Dreiwitz (bass), and Marco Benevento (keyboard). The second night included a horn section consisting of Stuart Bogie, Martin Perna, Eric Biondo, and Ray Mason. Violinist Katie Jacoby joined the group for a few songs on the third night.

Hat tip to Live For Live Music for posting this audio and doing thorough coverage of the run, which included impresario Peter Shapiro dubbing JRAD "Knights of the Bowl" during the third and final concert.

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