"Midnight Machines" - LIGHTS [Official Full Album Stream + Zumic Review]

Justine Souchack

by Justine Souchack

Published April 11, 2016

Toronto singer-songwriter LIGHTS trades her electronic synth pop for a stripped-down acoustic sound on her new album, Midnight Machines, containing eight songs and running for 39 minutes. Listen above.

Midnight Machines includes six new renditions of songs off of her 2014 LP, Little Machines, in addition to two brand new tracks. After each of her LPs so far, LIGHTS has released albums like this in which she re-records songs in an acoustic setting. In 2013, she recorded an acoustic version of Siberia and in 2010 she put out the Acoustic EP with songs from her major label debut, The Listening.

LIGHTS spoke with Idobi Radio and explained how her fans were the inspiration for Midnight Machines:

My fans are definitely calling the shots, especially when it comes to this acoustic stuff... When they started asking for another acoustic album after Siberia, I was like, ‘Hell yeah, I’m going to give you what you want and I’m going to give you the most energy you’ve ever seen and it’s going to be the most stripped down...' People were pinging me, communicating to me to let me know that they were listening to my music late at night, or when they’re driving or alone...It just seems to me that they connect with the music most in the middle of the night, and that’s where the idea for calling it Midnight Machines came from.

In songs like "Same Sea" and the new track "Follow You Down," LIGHTS successfully captures the midnight vibes with vivid strings and tranquil harmonies. The dreamy "Don't Go Home Without Me" follows the same format with romantic lyrics and passionate vocals that intensify in the bridge.

"Running With The Boys" is one of the more upbeat tunes that features a thrilling chorus with a catchy guitar riff over mellow beats. The album finishes strong with the mystical slow-burner "Muscle Memory."

Whether she has a keytar or guitar at hand, LIGHTS is able to create sonic masterpieces. Midnight Machines doesn't quite have the energy she was maybe going for, as the slow tempos are a bit sleepy, but this album further proves that she can make sensational music, electronic or acoustic.

Songs we recommend are, "Same Sea," "Meteorites," "Don't Go Home Without Me," "Running With The Boys," and "Muscle Memory."

Pick up Midnight Machines on Amazon.

For LIGHTS' latest music, news, and tour dates, check out her Zumic artist page.

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