Mutual Benefit Live on KEXP 1.22.2014 [YouTube Video]

Zach Ayer

by Zach Ayer

Published April 4, 2014

Jordan Lee's traveling folk-music collective Mutual Benefit stopped by the KEXP studios to do a quick live set in between stops on their last tour in January. They played five songs, "Strong River," "Golden Wake," "Wishing," "Advanced Falconry," and "Moonville Tunnel." Three of the songs, "Strong River," "Golden Wake," and "Advanced Falconry" appeared on their latest studio album, Love's Crushing Diamond while the two others, "Wishing" and "Moonville Tunnel" appeared on their Bandcamp released Mutual Spirits split LP with Holy Spirits and Spider Heaven EP respectively. Each song has a cheerful, dreamy aesthetic. Quiet guitar and violin melodies carry Lee's voice in arrangements that seem to take inspiration from Fleet Foxes.

In between songs, Lee was joking with the host Cheryl Waters about the idea of solo and collaborative effort in songwriting. "We were listening to Drake on the way here and he has a song about, like, 'It's all me,'" he said. "And I was just thinking about how there's probably producers and all sorts of people that have helped him, like, succeed and he has a song about how it's all him, and like that's ridiculous." He shows great respect for Mutual Benefit as the work of many to bring vision to songs that he helped write.

For more music and news, check out Mutual Benefit's Zumic Artist Page.

Source: KEXP's YouTube Channel

Mutual Benefit
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