"Neighbors" - Grizzly Bear [YouTube Music Video]

Jacob Grossfeld

by Jacob Grossfeld

Published July 21, 2017

Indie rock band Grizzly Bear has released a video for their new song, "Neighbors." The tune is the fourth single from the upcoming LP Painted Ruins, the group's first album since 2012's Shields.

The song is densely textured, with folk and psychedelic sensibilities that create a tense backdrop for the vocal harmonies. The "Neighbors" lyrics reveal a theme of disillusionment with relationships, as lead vocalist Ed Droste sings, "Could see you for an hour / Conversation stalls / And after so long / There's nothing really there... With every passing day / Our history fades away / And I'm not sure why / There's nothing left to say."

The music video depicts a bizarre sequence of exchanges between camouflaged individuals immersed in a remote setting. Once they meet in the wilderness, they are transposed into a domestic environment where they conceal themselves in household wares. Given the fact that the individuals hide their faces from one another and rarely communicate, the clip carries a motif of anonymity and distance in human interactions.

In support of their new album, Grizzly Bear has announced a lengthy US and European tour, which is scheduled from October to December. Painted Ruins is set to be released on August 18, 2017. Pick up a copy on Amazon.

For more, check out Grizzly Bear's Zumic artist page.

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