"One" - Michelle Kwan (Metallica Cover) - [YouTube Video]

Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published September 26, 2014

You've never heard Metallica's song "One" quite like this before.

Michelle Kwan from Vancouver, Canada plays the metal song on an ancient Chinese instrument called the guzheng. You can watch her performance above.

With a recording of the song playing in the background, Michelle performs guitarist's Kirk Hammett's guitar parts. She effortlessly conquers his performance while her fingers rapidly pick the notes. The guzheng is plugged into an Orange amp with MXR and mega distortion pedals, thus allowing her to cover the heavy parts. Perhaps the most impressive part comes at 3:15 of the video when she plays the lightning speed solo note for note. If you've never seen someone play this instrument, I strongly suggest you watch Michelle in action. It's amazing.

The earliest guzheng instruments date back to 475 to 221 BC. It has 18 or more strings and movable bridges. The picks players use, called DaiMao, are often made out of the shells of hawksbill sea turtles.

After spending many years playing classical music, she decided to use the instrument to play other genres. In her YouTube Channel bio, Michelle lists her musical inspirations as Buckethead, John Frusciante, Guns n' Roses, Daft Punk, Zedd, and Maroon 5. She dreams of playing on the big stage someday, and after witnessing her skills, she may get that opportunity very soon.

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Source: Michelle Kwan YouTube Channel

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