Parquet Courts Talk About Artistic Inspiration with Nardwuar [YouTube Video]

Sydnie Aldrich

by Sydnie Aldrich

Published May 29, 2014

Funny guy Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews garage punk rock band Parquet Courts. They discuss everything from singer Andrew Savage's artwork influences, guitarist Austin Brown's love of Texas-based rap, tattoos, zines, favorite bands, and Footloose.

Nardwuar's lovable, overly enthusiastic persona with the dryly humorous Parquet Courts make for a magical, highly informative conversation as they reminisce about old times and share anecdotes from their respective hometowns. Frontman Savage explains the significance of Midway Mart in his hometown of Denton, Texas, where every party kid went to buy beer on Friday nights--a "meetings of minds." He goes on to talk about his fascination with Father Yod, a spiritual leader in 1960s Los Angeles, who created his own philosophy and accumulated a following of young people known as the Source Family. Oh yeah, it's good stuff.

When asked why people should care about their band, Andrew replied, "Well, because you can't beat that good ol' American rock." For all Parquet Courts fans, this interview is a must-see.

Parquet Court's sophomore LP, Sunbathing Animal, is out June 2nd. Pre-order it on Amazon.


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