"Saturn Song" - Beach House [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics]

Zumic Staff

by Zumic Staff

Published March 5, 2014

We've already heard fittingly stellar tracks by Youth Lagoon and Spiritualized from the upcoming Space Project compilation, coming out on April 19th for Record Store Day, and now here's one from Beach House. Stream it above.

Like everything else on The Space Project, "Saturn Song" contains audio recorded by a Voyager space probe in the "outer solar system," according to Lefse Records. It's Beach House's first song since 2012's well-polished Bloom, and it finds the duo burrowing back into the lo-fi, reverb-drenched cave from which they emerged eight years ago, an approach that meshes very well with the ambient noise taken from space. Beginning minimally with Victoria Legrand's voice acting as the only companion to the interstellar hum, Alex Scally's guitar and some off-kilter piano arpeggios soon join in, combining to form a swirling, dreamy soundscape.

For more Beach House music, videos and news, visit their Zumic artist page. Head over to Lefse Records' official website for more info on The Space Project, and check out the lyrics to "Saturn Song" below.

Beach House "Saturn Song" lyrics:

I was looking
For a four leaf clover
Why snakes play
Summer's ford
That got powder
Out on my own
Out on my own

Why giggle manners
Light just don't matter
Out on my own
Out on my own

Why it turns backwards
Out on my own
Out on my own

Youth Lagoon-Space-Project

Source: BriceB. SoundCloud Page

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